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Zichi Lorentz.
Visual Artist.Commentator-Publisher.
Liverpool UK (1952-1971).
London UK (1971-1994).
Japan (1994-).
Present location:Kobe City

My Paintings

My painting galleries are divided according to theme, like abstract. flowers, landscapes, seascapes.

Painting Notes

Just some basic notes about my paintings and the different themes.

Painting Art Books

ISSUU is a great site for publishing your own books and material, which I have used since its beginning.

Gallery Wall

Abstract Painting

Photo's to enjoy

zichi 2 Andy Warhol Antique iPod Art Attack Artspace Autumn Jazz Body Mind Spirit Butterflies Censored Clouds 2 Clouds Dance of the Firefly Darkside Dawn After Dark Day Trip Dreamlines 1 Dreamlines 10 Dreamlines 11 Dreamlines 12 Dreamlines 2 Dreamlines 3 Dreamlines 4 Dreamlines 5 Dreamlines 6 Dreamlines 7 Dreamlines 8 Dreamlines 9 Firefly 2 Four Seasons 1 Four Seasons 2 Four Seasons 3 Four Seasons 4 Four Seasons 5 Four Seasons Autumn Four Seasons Spring Four Seasons Summer Four Seasons Winter Fragile World Freedom is a Metamorphosis Fuji Falls Fuji Spring Garden Happy Birthday Heaven Hope Ikebana 2 Ikebana Imagine Impressionist Party Kabuki Setsu Getsu Ka Kakejiku Kaleidoscope Eyes Kiss Meditation Message Metamorphosis 1 Metamorphosis Music Setsu Getsu Ka Naruto New Heavy Non Thought Painting of Painting Peace Persimmon Dream Pink Fuji Pipe Rainbows End Seijika Setsu Getsu Ka Silence Sound Artist Spring Still White Stolen Art Sunset NY NY Synchronicity The Man Who Planted Trees Today Virus Wabi Sabi 1 Wabi Sabi 2 Wabi Sabi Circle Wabi Sabi Ki Wabi Sabi Line Wabi Sabi Square Wabi Sabi Triangle Way of Tea wi-fi detail2 wi-fi Word Blindness www zen Bubbles zichi
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