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Zichi Lorentz.
Visual Artist.Commentator-Publisher.
Liverpool UK (1952-1971).
London UK (1971-1994).
Japan (1994-).
Present location:Kobe City

My Paintings

My painting galleries are divided according to theme, like abstract. flowers, landscapes, seascapes.

Painting Notes

Just some basic notes about my paintings and the different themes.

Painting Art Books

ISSUU is a great site for publishing your own books and material, which I have used since its beginning.

zichi Lorentz Artist & Painter

Some thoughts on that

This is my artweb. For 40 years I've been a painter, and at times, other things too. I live in Japan, at least since 1994, quite a long time. I love living here, many reasons but certainly one is because my wife is Japanese. These days I mostly work in acrylics and sometimes watercolors, which I love. But I also think I'm more than just a painter. I hope you'll find something of interest. Since people are usually in a rush these days you can jump straight into my painting links, and then explore the rest of my site if you wish..

I have had a web presence since 1994, and 20 years on the internet is equal to several life times. In the beginning, the web sites were very limited and crude but it was a very exciting time to become involved in that evolutional aspect of the world wide web, as if, some magical child had been born.

My web site developed from that basic birth into something very sophisticated with all the latest bells and whistles. It was always "heavy" with image files, well it's an art site, yes? That was very problematic in the beginning especially with slow computers connected to the web with those dial up modems. Seems like the stone age now! Life does not stand well, especially with technology.

In the beginning, I used laptops, and a Gateway Solo back in 1997, cost me more than $5,000. Today, I could buy at least five for the same price. I moved over to desktops, iMac's which after five years I replaced with a Mac Mini Server and iPads, two of them. The Mac Mini is my media center and also used for editing video, photo's and making my web sites. Otherwise, I'm using my iPads which at the moment are wifi models. 16GB iPad 2 and a 64GB iPad 3.

A few years back, people were talking about content being more important than the structure and fluid web structures instead of those fixed table layouts, which were mainly nightmares. Trying to get them to work across all OS and all browsers? People basically had one computer usually based at home or in their work place. People had mobile phones but not smart ones. My first, was more like carrying a brick.

My web site went from html tables to xhtml fluid layouts to html5. They worked across devices, except for phones. Today, people are using several devices in their dail life. Smart phones, notebooks, laptops, desktops and tablets. Some people think the answer is to provide a website for each type of device and screen resolution. That's way too much work for me. I want to make a single website which functions across all devices including smart phones.

So I've reached the point of updating my website using responsive html5, and at least for the moment I'm trying out this using the open source template from HTML5 UP.

Thinking about content over structure again, led me to think about "LIFE", which means "life is for enjoying" and so the move into responsive layouts should be equal to "LIFE" and fun of adding content rather than getting hung up on the site structures, provided I make them work across all devices, and very importantly that the html and the CSS validates. That is so important if you want your site to work across all browsers.

Art is a Journey not a Destination

Some thoughts on that

With my art I try to bring hope where there is none, to bring happiness when there is only darkness, to replace nihilism with faith in humanity. As we plead for democratic ideals all over the world, we need to remember that the most convincing proof of the fruit of democracy can be found in our own museums, concert halls, and arts curriculum. An exchange of art and culture between countries leads to a greater understanding between nations creating a more peaceful world. Does that sound too much? Ah! well.

For further info, you can check out the links in the right column, like Introduction.....

My Art

Brush Strokes

There was a time, many years ago when I used oil paints and although I liked some aspects, like the slow drying I never liked all the unhealthy chemicals and smells. For many many years I have painted with acrylics and love using them. I also love not having to use any chemicals. I also like watercolors-I love the simple technique of some paper, some colors and a bit of water.

I have a large very comfortable art studio but my main studio is the great outdoors. I love nothing more than spending the day outside painting. It's never easy, battling with the weather, and people who come by and want to stop and chat. Basically, I suppose I'm a landscape painter but I'm also more than that. I make abstract painting too, but really all painting is in fact abstract. Big works have to be painted in my art studio. My largest works are about 3m x 2m.

Plein Aire is a French painting term which means painting outside which first came into fashion with the impressionists who needed the true light of nature to capture the colors. It must be remembered, there was no electric lighting in those days, nonetheless, I feel that outdoor painting creates a better work than working from photo's indoors.

The work becomes more spontaneous less worked. Working in the nature is a hard master.

For a fuller description of Plein Aire, you can read my Plein Aire Notes and My Art


Photography and Video

Click! Click!

When I'm out, I like to have a camera on my hip and I want one which don't get in the way. For about 5 years I've been using a Canon Powershot, SX1 which sits on my belt in a padded Lowerpro lens case. I have 10 Megapixels with full HD video and stereo mic's which work very well when needed. I can say I'm 95% happy with this camera. I know its getting old but it still works. In the past, I've done the whole DSLR and camcorder thing and lugged them around, which is always painful. I want to carry a small camera, in my small bag, at is there when I need it. I want to update to a mirrorless camera, just can't decide on which one, but will probably be an Olympus.

One of my favorite forms of photography is long shutter, night time like as in my photobook, Merikin Park. I've tried HDR and can be fun but it's not a method I would like to employ all the time although I frequently make auto bracketing of taking 3 shots at different exposures and combining them into one photo. Recently, I've been playing with some fake tilt-shift mainly because I discovered an online converter at Tilt-Shift Maker. I can't afford the camera or the lens for real Tilt-Shift. That's fun too but you need to select the right photo to get the best effect.

Kobe City, Japan is a great location for both painting and photography. My house and art studio is located at the base of a mountain and within 20 minutes I can be deep into the mountains to discover waterfalls, large lakes and all the natural glory of the mountains. This is my photobook about the autumn in the mountains Red Autumn Luminaire.

The Kobe City woodland park is worth a visit in the spring or autumn, check out my photobook, Autumn Woodland Comik.

The sea is only another 20 minutes away. This is a photobook I made of the seaside area, Akashi Sunset Comik.

I love living between the sea and mountains. Also we don't get any snow here.

We are very near to Kyoto which is only about one hour away by a fast train. Kyoto is a worthwhile trip anytime of the year but the best seasons are spring and autumn. My photobook, Kyoto Autumn. Osaka is about 40 minutes while the famous Himeji Castle is about one hour. Nara, which id full of all sorts of treasures is about one hour and half. There are many traditional historical sites nearby.

The new Kobe airport is only 30 minutes, which is our gateway to the rest of Japan. Tokyo is only a one hour flight so it's possible to visit and get back the same day. Internal flights aren't like in the US. There isn't the heavy security vetting and is more akin to hopping on off a bus or a train. Kansai International Airport is about one hour away, and is our gateway to the rest of the world.

Sound Artist

My ISSUU Book Shelf


Issuu is a great site if you want to publish books, documents etc. I have used the site since its beginning which is quite a few years. You can make pdf's of your work, art, photo's and upload them to the site to be converted into a flip page book form. I think these are a good way to present your work which otherwise can take up time and space when building a website.

My Issuu Book Shelf

The Tale of Genji was written by a Japanese Court Lady, Murasaki Shikibu in the Heian period, about 1000 years ago. Claimed by many to be the world's first modern novel and Japanese finest. It has inspired countless artist to make woodblock prints, paintings and Japanese style screens, Byobu's. In 2008 stated it was 1000 years old.

Tale of Genji - More japan

You can visit my ISSUU site or use the links I have provided in the right column.