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Art of Nature, Nature of Art

My Art can be divided into two concepts;

  • Art of Nature
  • Nature of Art

Since living in Japan (1994) I have tried to find my place between Japanese aesthetics and Western aesthetics.

What are these two aesthetics?

Briefly they can be described;

  • Japanese aesthetics; looking outward rather than inward; oneness with nature; whole is more important than the individual; wa (harmony); beauty of simplicity and harmony (wabi sabi); four seasons; accepting the meaning of life; asymmetrical; Objective; Space;
  • Western aesthetics; looking inward rather than outward; individual more important than the whole; question the meaning of life; symmetrical; Subjective; Time;

Art of Nature

I think all my art works are born from some connection with the nature, but nonetheless to be more specific, this covers the following subjects;

  • Landscapes [mainly based on the four seasons].
  • Seascapes.
  • Cityscapes [urban living].
  • Still Life.
  • Flowers.

Nature of Art

This are what people call abstract art? When in fact all art is abstract, whether it be painting, sculpture, music etc. You can think of these art works more like "mindscapes" rather than abstracts. They are very much rooted in "emotions;" my emotions.

It's like the feelings you may get when you listen to music.

These "mindscapes" are based on the following concepts;

  • D.A.D. Dawn After Dark [artworks using just black and white, the presence or absence of light].
  • Metamorphosis [discovering the healing powers of art].
  • Wabi Sabi [exploring Japanese aesthetics from a Western point of view].
  • Simply Color [art works were the first, and maybe only idea is the use of color].
  • ArtSpace [this is a new addition in my work. Various problems for artists, like censorship, works which are attacked, works which are robbed]
  • Digital Art