Artist Statement

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hippy artist

I don't have a fixed style of art because I want to be a seeker until the moment of my death.

To expand my humanity, to polish my personality and bring myself to a higher position.

I believe this is the road to lead and to give birth to the masterpiece as an artist.

The reflection of the personality is art; sometimes the heart gets over the techniques.

I want to break the shell which is tightening myself, with a free spirit and reach a fulfilled life.

The excitement of the life becomes the joy to create.

An eternal traveler, on a journey without destination, a dance of light.

From time to time, I want to share this dance with others by having exhibitions and events.

Stress is a child of yesterday, we must never allow it to become an adult of tomorrow. Seize the moment and live today.

Memories are only shadows of the real thing.

Art is a powerful healing force, not only for the artist but also for the art viewer. With art we can over come our stress. The healing process begins the moment we take control of our lives.